Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new TOPOS website. We’ve lost some color and a few words, but, we believe, gained clarity in the bargain. Tell us what you think.

After a year of contemplation, planning and designing, we have come to realize that we are what you see. So, more and better photos to fill your screen.  Fewer, discretely placed descriptions (notice how they only show up when you ask). We have quite a few great new projects to showcase, some with strikingly clean contemporary lines and others with classic motifs and craftsmanship. Some are available now, and others will rotate on display. All exemplify how we strive to give form to the ‘TOPOS’ of each site. And, don’t miss our new team photograph, set on the stunning cantilevered staircase of Danis and Alina Dayanov’s  Los Altos Hills home. We’re a happy bunch, and we really do enjoy our work!

At TOPOS, we continually seek to express both technical excellence and artistic passion. Our ‘Journal’ will be a visual and written manifestation of who we are, what we like and how we think. Every month, one of us will post an article for your enjoyment. The pieces will not always be about our work, or even about architecture in general, but I can promise that they will be interesting, beautiful and fun. Check back often.

We owe a deep and sincerely heartfelt debt of gratitude to our many clients who have made such wonderful projects possible. Without their confidence we could not design; without their trust we could not build; and, above all, without their friendship, we could not stand proud of what you see presented here today. Thanks!

-peter baltay

TOPOS Team Photo

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